Catch your network

on Monday, 13 October 2014. Posted in Corporate

Catch your network

After Effect CS4 - Full HD Project

Catch your network template is made for multiple purposes. You can use it to promote yourself or use it for commercial purposes. Project is loop-able so you can have video and text placeholders as much as you need. Also it is not using any external plugin and it is totally ae environment so you have camera freedom. Project is available in all colors and in white/black version.




  1.  Project available in all colors ( easy changing with one slider ).
  2.  Possibility of turning off Hand character so you have total after effect 3d envirenment and camera freedom!
  3.  Plugins are AE compatibile
  4.  70 seconds long presentations
  5.  3d prerenderer background hand
  6.  14 main video placeholders
  7.  1 place for your logo
  8.  30 main text placeholders
  9.  90 small video placeholders
  10.  Possibility of looping project scenes!
  11.  Images/videos in preview are not included
  12.  Music not included link is:
  13.  Sound fx are not included, you can contact me about them on my mail!
  14.  Font in project is Myriad Pro